Getting Fit
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 03:40PM
Susan Gaffney-Evans

I worked out today for the third time at Curves. And I signed up for their version of the Biggest Loser, an eight week commitment with 23 other women starting next Monday. I hope it’s just the jump-start I need to start losing weight and getting in shape! My goal is to wear a two-piece bathing suit this summer, something other than the one pieces I’ve worn for years with the skirt that hides my hips and stomach.

I definitely broke a sweat today and I can feel it in my back legs, a little burn…. I’m looking forward to the eight week challenge and to see how many inches I can work off. I think it will also help keep me motivated to keep working out, which needs to be a life change for me.

I’ve lost one pound in a week. That’s a start! Just 19 more to go to a new, healthier and stronger me!

I am going to do this thing!

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