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Redecorating the Man Room

It will be two years ago this July that I redecorated the “Man Room” while my husband Bill was away on a motorcycle ride from Paducah to the Grand Canyon and back. He was gone for ten days and so I took it as a chance to paint, redecorate, buy new furniture, move things around and update for the first time in at that time the seven years we’ve lived here - it was time.

Our “Man Room” is the lower level of three in our home and it’s a walk-out basement apartment that is open to the back yard.  It’s simply a mother-in-law suite, a full one-bedroom including a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.  Our parents love it as when they visit they have full control over their comings and goings, coffee, breakfast, snacks and just hanging out.  And Bill loves it the rest of the time as his “Man Room” where he hangs out watching TV with his dog Kalli and sneaking ice cream out of the freezer.

Here are the after pics…. I know I have one great photo somewhere of what I found under the refrigerator after I moved it but I’ll look for it!

 But I did find the before and after photographs of the “Man Room” guest bedroom!  Here they are…..

 And after….

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