Baby, it's even colder outside and icy too!

Winter%20Feb%2012%202008002.JPGWow, I only thought it was cold outside on January 25.  Now with trees loaded with ice and a light snow falling along with the temperature, and it looks like we’ll have a low of 17 degrees tonight.  I occasionally hear the snap of tree limbs cracking and falling on the golf course behind our house.  I haven’t seen any large branches down but there are lots of small limbs littering the ice covered ground.  I threw out some stale bread for the birds and dropped some pistachio nuts under the trees for the squirrels.  I feel sorry for them trying to find food in this weather.

Dogs hate ice-covered ground.  It’s been quite a day trying to get them to do their business as it’s so uncomfortable for them to walk on icy grass snapping under their paws.  Cats love icy weather as it’s the only time they get to come in the house.  But then Dogs entertained themselves whenever I was distracted by chasing cats through the house.  Grrrrr….




Baby, it's cold outside!

doggie%20pjs%201-24050.jpgIt has been cold all week, but last night was bitterly cold.  My four dogs didn’t want to go outside.  Poor Bella, our Boston Terrier, ran outside and literally froze in place from the cold.  She stood staring at me and just shivered.

Putter and Lily snoozing
Then I remembered buying the dogs matching pajamas earlier this week. Bill was out for the evening, so the girls and I had a pajama party, and we stayed nice and warm in front of the fireplace and I enjoyed a glass of wine as the temperature dropped to a low of 8 degrees.  Brrrrr.


Food for thought

"An observation: If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back."

Timothy Zucal (part of a post in 01-22-08 "Stumped" column, Washington Post)


Logo design

I’m designing a logo. Here are two versions. I like both of them. I’ll probably decide tomorrow which one I like best. And I claim trademark rights on both. Any thoughts?

I found a great site that lets you design and download a logo to your website before buying to see if you like it. Cool. Check out Logomaker!

logo design logo design

All about me

I am reading Food & Wine (Feb. 2008), "Fabulous menus for under $30 with wines to match"

Dogs or cats  Dogs.  See "Dog Blog" below for more info.

The best present this year  January 5, 2008--My husband surprised me with an iPhone for our 17th wedding anniversary. I love, love it!  I can finally link up with Outlook to update contacts and calendar events.  I'm soooo organized!  Bill, thank you for the best present yet this year, and I love you! (And remember, my birthday is in June!)

Favorite day of the week  Thursday nights for gal pal power!

Favorite blogs  donnamariawalker, mary thorsby, ldarrylarmstrong

New Year's resolution  Pick an activity, learn it, enjoy it and just do it.  Golf, here I come! Is there a Lilly Pulitzer golf bag to follow?  Maybe for my birthday in June.... Note to husband, Bill.  Read and remember!  Unless of course I don't follow through with the New Year's resolution, and then you're off the hook.  At least for the golf bag anyway.  ;0

Looking forward to  "Dinner party cluby thingy" to quote DMW beginning in February at my home


Dog Blog

Have you heard of Dogster? It's an online community for dog lovers to blog about their pets. 

Each of our four dogs (Putter, Bella, Lily and Kalli) has their own dog page. And much like mine, their blogs are infrequently updated!  I tend to update them once a year, and it's usually on a weekend when it's either really cold or raining and I'm looking for something to do other than laundry.  ;0

You can search Dogster for dogs by city, and by today's count there are 47 dog blogs from Paducah (of course, four of those are mine).  Here's Putter's Dogster page, which has photo links to our other three fur babies. 

If you're not a dog person, there's also Catster.   And I have to confess I have four cats too, but no cat blogs. (But I won't tell them if you won't!). 

And don't even mention the word "cat" to Patience's whippets...they're still barking among themselves about the "award featuring their 'servant' photographed with a cat."  

So Patience, my Dogs completely understand those misgivings...they think cats are for chasing, not worthy of sleeping in their bed and shouldn't be allowed in the same room as Dogs. "Dogs rule to chase."  But that's their philosophy, not ours.  In "Evansville," Bill and I [think we] are the supreme rulers of Dogs and cats, so the "no cat chasing" rule applies.  And Dogs hate that rule.  But cats love it. 

However, squirrels are "every squirrel for himself" based on Lily's rule (check out Lily's page on Dogster).  And since no Dog has caught a squirrel, we can live with Lily's rule...for now.  The cats, well we're teaching Dogs a prayer we say at bedtime that begins with, "We Dogs love cats and we promise not to chase them.  Amen."  We'll have to work with them on the squirrels.

Dogster and Catster are free of charge unless you want to upgrade your pages with "bells and whistles." There are also lots of breed-specific forums to join if you want to get involved in their online communities.  And you can search for adoptable pets by breed and location!

I actually found Kalli on a Dogster search last summer for adoptable pets. She was a rescue living in Oklahoma, and was about one year old.  She's a pug mix, but we suspect the "mix" is daschund because she has very short legs, wide feet and a long body...but she's quite cute and personable!  Kalli and Lily, our other pug mix, are what I refer to as "puglets."  Pugs of unknown histories....

Bill reluctantly drove to Oklahoma to pick up Kalli (he didn't really want any more dogs as we already had Putter, Bella and Lily).  But he was already visiting friends in Arkansas when I adopted her over the Internet, so it was a fairly short detour west for him to pick her up and bring her "forever" home.

Please note, we had to pass a thorough pet-adoption screening before we could adopt her which included vet referrals and committing to keep her as an inside pet, yearly shots, monthly heartworm medicine and flea/tick topical treatments.  Also, Kalli was spayed before we picked her up.

The funny thing is that she somehow imprinted on Bill during the 10-hour drive back to Paducah and now she's "his" dog.  Kalli shadows him everywhere. She even snoozes on top of the couch behind his neck while he watches television.  She'll occasionally leave his side to find me for a quick cuddle, and then's she's gone to find Bill.  And don't let him fool you -- he loves every minute of it! 


Armstrong & Associates Wins Three Awards

I received the following news release today from my friend and colleague Dr. Darryl Armstrong.

ARMSTRONG & Associates is a behaviorial public relations firm in Eddyville, Ky. that provides services in the areas of public and community involvement, website design, behavioral management consulting, reputation and crisis management, environmental communications, database management and social science research, including survey design and analysis.  And check out Darryl's blog too.

Congratulations, Darryl and Kay!


EDDYVILLE, Ky., – ARMSTRONG and Associates recently received three awards for brochures and a video developed for their clients Lockheed Martin, Ophthalmology Associates of Western Kentucky and the Kentucky New Era.

MarCom Gold Award

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What happened to October?

I've been meaning to update my blog and every day I say to myself, "Susi, you need to log on and say something, say anything...just get it updated." So I finally logged in tonight prepared to write something, anything--that is until I realized the last time I did write 'anything' was in October, three months ago. THREE months ago! I have a hard time recalling what I did last Monday, let alone what I did in November or December, but now...January 2008?

SGE and Mary Thorsby
My friend Mary Thorsby, who is the CEO and creator of http://www.ilistpaducah.com, gets up early each morning to work on her website and blog (let's say 4'ish).  And that's her time to write.  Quite brilliant.  I just wished I liked getting up that early.  But I don't.  Which is why my blog hasn't been updated since OCTOBER! And why you should love and appreciate Mary's website and blog, because it's typically updated DAILY!  So register for a feed for my blog because you might not see updates anytime soon....  Unless of course I take Mary up on her offer for early a.m. wake up calls, but that's only if she includes a "snooze alarm" repeat call every 15 minutes.  ;0

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Gobble Gobble Dinner Party

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Thanksgiving 2007 Tablescape

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Halloween Boootiful Dinner Table

Boootiful Halloween Tablescape 2007

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